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Self Aid/Buddy Aid
Self Aid/Buddy Aid is exactly that...staying alive or keeping your partner alive until
rescue gets to you.  The focus of this offering is having the tools to save yourself,
being able to deploy those tools rapidly.

Objectives of this class include:

  • Being ever vigilant
  • Being able to focus on your assailant when you or your partner are injured
  • Being able to stay engaged, maintaining superiority and control
  • Manage the increase in stress, turning it positive
  • Moving effectively
  • Having the proper response gear and knowing how to use it under duress
  • knowing when to use it
  • Managing the little things that can become big things  

We will give you examples of the best combat trauma gear, and how to source it.

We will show you how to use cheaper materials and when they are not worth the

We will show you how to prepare your IFAK to make it more functional.  

We will look at why you need more than one type of some items.  

We will teach you first aid on steroids.  You will learn and practice lifesaving skills
such as:

  •        Basic understanding of body systems
  •        Airway management, including placement of adjunct airways
  •        Basic and advanced bleeding control and hemorrhage management,         
  •        to include:
  •           Bandages and wound packing
  •           Hemostatic agents
  •           Tourniquets
  •        Patient positioning

This class is eligible for TCOLE credit, and/or DHSH EMS CE.     

Please contact us about hosting a class.
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