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We teach the competence that instills the confidence that your staff
needs to meet the rigorous demands of their job.
Public Servant Solutions provides training to Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, Fire
Service, and private sector security.  Some specialized courses are offered to extreme sports
enthusiasts, hunters, and those in remote applications.

Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions
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Bonus Material:
Informative Handout
"Just One Time"  
Good Enough Isn't
Good Enough!

Please follow this link
for the lecture hand-out.
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we will be moving many of our
didactic offerings to our EduMedic Learning Platform.  

We will be able to offer some of our hands-on labs by sending
participants a lab package and providing a virtual streaming
instructor presence.

Check back for access information and start dates.
Thanks to all of you that
joined us at
Tactical Medical Solutions
University during the LIVE
eLearning Summit held
June 17 & 18.

Public Servant Solutions
is a TACMED Solutions
Associate Trainer Program.