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We teach the competence that instills the
confidence that your staff needs to meet the
rigorous demands of their job.
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Public Servant Solutions provides training to Law Enforcement,
Emergency Medical Service, Fire Service, and private sector
security.  Some specialized courses are offered to extreme
sports enthusiasts, hunters, and those in remote applications.

Our training services are:
Cutting Edge
Highly Reliable

We believe "hands-on" training is the first step in developing the
experience level needed to meet the needs of your organization.  
Cutting Edge

Every great trainer never fails to be a diligent trainee.  We constantly train.  
Our goal is to provide you with information and training that is new, fresh,
up to date, yet accepted by training authorities and certification bodies.  
Highly Reliable

Our content is vetted for accuracy.  Our programs are presented in a
consistent manner using Power Point Presentations and hands-on lab

Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions
1. perceptible by touch;
2. of, relating to, or being the sense of
.  ~Merriam-Webster

In today's fast paced world, providing
effective training for your staff or yourself
has many options.  We see the value in
a limited amount of distance learning,
but know that the ultimate training
experience features direct contact with
hands-on opportunities to master the
processes and skills required to best
care for our ultimate stakeholders

those that we must protect
and care for.  
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Bonus Material:
Informative Handout
"Just One Time"

Good Enough Isn't
Good Enough!

Please follow this link
for the lecture hand-out.

Visitors to Our booth at the
2109 Texas EMS Conference
entered a drawing for great prizes.
Along with that drawing was a
"Second Chance" drawing.  
All you have to do is search this
site and
www.PSSTacMed.com to
find four phrases that form a
simple sentence.  The original
contestants are already entered
into the drawing.  New
contestants can enter the drawing
by submitting an entry through
Contact page.  Simply type
the word "drawing" in the
comments box.  90 days from now
we will contact randomly selected
contestants to win one of four
prizes.  If you know the sentence
when we contact you, you win!
so we thought
this prize was
After all, who
wouldn't want
their beer in
body armor?

Good Luck finding
the phrases.
They are easy to
find and easy to
figure out.