Advanced Offerings  These programs are extracted from the critical care arena.  These courses provide a more in-depth look at the physiology behind critical care.

Agency Training Programs  We have created specialty programs based on agency, state, and National Registry needs.  We help stretch your training dollars with these added value programs.  Our agency packages feature discounts as well as additional programs that are required for compliance, at no additional costs.

EMS UpSkilling  These offerings include topics that may not have been heavily covered in your original paramedic class.  Examples include Vent classes, our Airway Control Techniques (ACT) program, and classes on blood administration and transfusion.  

Interactive Labs & Ancillary Programs  Our Interactive Labs program puts the lab materials in your hands as you follow the instructors progression through the class.  Our Ancillary Programs assist you with fringe topics that help you maintain agency and personal compliance.  Examples include:  Dedicated Infection Control Officer, Basic Supervision, and Community Response to ExDS.

PS360 Provides standard EMS CE training. The PS360 program includes both distributed (F3) and Instructor Led (F5) programming. PS360 meets NREMT NCCP and most states CE requirements. In Texas, we feature the TexPak which provides all required hours for each four year training cycle, but is oriented to also comply with NREMT requirements. This program is complemented by three psychomotor programs that provide greater understanding and documentation of skills required to do the job.

Tactical  Our tactical programs include a TP-C®/TR-C®  Preparatory class and an IBSC® "Approved Provider" CE Review class; TECC, at all four levels; Hybrid Tactical Responder (HTR) and the TEMS Tactical Medical Responder class (TMP).  We also provide a Operator/Awareness EOD class and a "Working K-9 TECC" class. 

Public Servant Solutions provides continuing Education training under Texas DSHS Program #600573.  Our CE training is accepted by the NREMT, the IBSC, and several states.  If you are an agency with NREMT re-certificant's with class and/or skills verification needs we can accommodate you if you are under contract.