EMS Courses

As time passes we are migrating more of our courses onto our learning management system.  We originally started this process due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have since realized that while many topics need hands-on involvement with qualified instructors, there is a participant-centric advantage to having a robust learning management system.  The system allows us to more easily supply participants with support materials and resources.  It provides for seamless communications and creates a student community.  It also allows us to effectively test participants and provide certificates of achievement as soon as the class is completed.  Above you will find a link to our growing list of  hybrid classes.  The format that we will utilize in the future will be a hybrid mixture of presenting Learning and Enabling Objectives for each topic in the manner that most benefits the participants of a given class.  If there is a program that we have presented for you in the past that you have specific interest in please call us.  If after perusing the classes you need a modification to meet an agency need contact us. 

Only the future knows where this will go, but we promise to continue to pursue and supply empirical knowledge relating to pre-hospital care to propel your career forward in support of your goals and ultimately the care of patients entrusted to you.