Featured Course 2

High Reliability Medic

Facilitation Project

The first cohort for this project will begin June 10.   Register now, maximum number of participants is twelve.

You got into EMS. You want to be an honorable guardian of the people, doing it right the first time, every time. Some days you wish you had a mentor to guide you around the big things.  Someone that will not be there for every little thing but will help you develop your own sense of how you want to manage specific areas of your career and ethos.  Someone who sits across a round table from you and respects your authority and your effort yet is willing to council you and teach you how to accelerate the experiential curve.

The High Reliability Medic Facilitation Project meets in small online cohorts of at least five, but no more than 12 medics, each having a minimum of two years of experience.  The project meets for about one hour, roughly every nine days, for ten sessions. Each participant has access to private coaching as well.

The three facilitators for this class have over 75 years of combined EMS experience.  That experience ranges through many different types and formats of EMS provision.  This small, very experienced cadre of facilitators have "walked the walk" in ground, critical care, tactical, and specialty EMS, in volunteer, career, industrial, special event, hospital-based, fire-based, and third service EMS programs.  They have experience in other pertinent ancillary disciplines.  They have personal insight into many of the debacles that EMS has had to respond to in the past few years, including those still fresh, sensitive, and in litigation.

As a participant in this small group, you must agree to be willing, and engaged in the process.  This is not an EMS departmental leadership course.  It is a personal, street-level leadership course, designed to disciple you into being the best medic you can be and to assist you in preparation for your future.

The eight initial sessions include: Understanding High Reliability Organizations and how to function as a High Reliability Medic, even if your organization is not meeting that parameter. Problems Solving; Delivering on the Promise; Maximizing Your Trade Craft; Fulfilling Training and Operational Initiatives; Fulfilling Leadership Initiatives; and, Human and EMS Resilience.  We also examine the issues, strengths, weaknesses, and controversies of 'Just Culture'.

Two reunion sessions include the development of a personal roadmap; Corrective actions you can take; How much impact you have had on your career and others in EMS: and, Where you go from here.  Each participant also receives one hour of one on one coaching.  

Based on the average fee for small group coaching this program has a minimum value of $960.  We normally provide this class for $369, but while the class is listed as one of our featured classes, we will make it available at a $100 discount which makes it $269.00.  Payment plans exist.

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