Featured Course 2

More fun than you have ever had doing CE.

This course will be occur one hour daily April 1 - 30, 2022.

To participate in '30 for$20' you simply reselect the 'Training' tab above, then select 'EMS Courses', followed by clicking on the bar near the top of the page.  This will take you to our Learning Management System (LMS).  Once you register for the '30 for $20' course bundle, the LMS will grant you access.  You can sign up any time after January 1, 2022.  

We will have a short (non-mandatory) video meeting on March 31 at 1900 hours.  We will welcome everyone and answer any questions.  If you don't want to speak, you can use the "chat" and we will answer the question for everyone.  

Once class sessions ‘drip’ each day, they will be available on the LMS for 30 days each. This gives you a chance to make up any classes you miss so your do not miss out on the CE credit.

Each class session is about 45-50 minutes of lecture and/or demonstration. This allows you to spend about 15 minutes on the quiz, the short evaluation, and printing your certificate. Occasionally, we may throw in a short poll to determine interest in a longer formal class on a given subject. This is one way we assure that our programming is meeting your needs.  

While everything is self-contained on the LMS, we may also air a few of the episodes on other mediums in the very beginning to give everyone a chance to sample the program. You can watch those for free but would need to sign up and take the quizzes for CE credit.

It is our hope with this project to have some long-needed fun, make new friends, and give back a little with the door prizes and the major prizes. Our LMS provides a ‘community’ space for participants to exchange ideas, etc.

Our goal is to have fun with this.  With enough participation we will be giving away door prizes each night, as well as the three gift card prizes and the Grand Prize Watch party.  The total prize package is worth over $2500.  Watch for updates in our newsletter in the coming months, as we reveal more information in forthcoming issues.  Check out the contest page, which is off the Home page for more information about contest rules.  

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