Public Servant Solutions was created to provide continuing education training to EMS, fire service and law enforcement personnel.  Our roots go back for over four decades of active response and training.  Our original mission was to provide live, hands-on, realistic training, at your location.  Our goal has always been to create a new standard in public servant CE training. Our interaction with those that just want to fulfill a mandate is limited.  We place great emphasis on the quality of instruction and are dedicated to improving learning outcomes.  As we see it, the training must actually contribute to your ability to take care of your stakeholders.

We are a small group of experienced instructors.  We bring you a broad range of knowledge and expertise, utilizing trainers from multiple backgrounds.  We believe in embracing new technologies and applying empirical knowledge in every area of this industry, even if that means bringing a different level of application of that empirical knowledge to the responders we serve.

We believe in paying attention to detail and that ‘just good enough’ is not good enough.  We believe in doing it right the first time…every time.  We arrive at this point with great passion for what we do.  We see our job as helping you ferret out every little thing that can help or at least not harm your patient.  Our goal is to propel your knowledge and understanding forward. Essentially, we see self-directed learners as the best providers in the industry and we provide those learners with the level of resources that will support that learning.  We track the ever-changing science as it affects pre-hospital care to help you increase your depth of understanding.

Public Servant Solutions now utilizes Directed Neural Learning SM  in most live courses, both in person and virtually.  This concept is a three-phased process that specifically addresses competition created by the typical training/educational format that competes with the learner's brain.  This enriching process improves retention of knowledge consumed.  This increases testing scores as well as life long understanding of a medical or operational procedure or process.  We are converting applicable live and virtual-live classes to this proven format.  We also embrace Cognitive Learning Theory, and Resilience training to improve both the training environment and the long-term impact on participants in our programs.  

Key Personnel 


“Enjoyed the presenter’s use of humor and solid subject material”

— Corporate Security Provider

“Great Job, Excellent Knowledge. Background information made it easier to understand.”

— Larry Schaffnit, FEMA

“Brilliantly delivered and the wealth of       indepth knowledge…”

— Gavin Munday, UK Paramedic

“Great presentation…you really know how to deliver the message!”

— John Burns, US State Department

"This was the best class I've ever taken"

- Tactical Paramedic

“This was one of the best talks I’ve attended.”

-Kyle van Reenen, KwaZulu-Natal Paramedic

“Instructors have good field experience…a definite strength”

- RN PALS participant

“Extremely helpful and enlightening. Well-paced and organized, with ample time for interaction/questions. Guided imagery and listening exercises very good – actively engaging a variety of our learning modalities.”

— Participant from Samaritan's Purse