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Airway Control Tactics
This class is designed for the advanced pre-hospital medical provider.  This is one of the few
classes that will move the novice practitioner to the empowered mastery of a skill within a short
time frame
.  This class is two days long without the ventilator module.  The vent module adds
an additional day.  

Participants will learn or review:

  • Oxygen physiology as it reflects on Best Practices in RSI/DSI/KOBI and DCR

  • Issues involving the Best and Worst drugs for Analgesia, Sedation, and NMB

  • Monitoring Sedation level

  • Effects of Street Drugs on Intubation

  • Peri-Intubation Problems & Corrective Action, including push-dose pressors

  • Review the anatomy from an intubation, airway management success perspective

  • Review airway grading criteria as it relates to documentation and management planning

  • Advantages/disadvantages of video intubation and UV augmented intubation

  • Ascertain optimal equipment selection for a given patient or procedure

  • Learn better ways to manage oral ingress geometry  

  • Patient positional aspects of success

  • Airway manipulation and management techniques during tube placement

  • Video review of good and bad intubations

  • Managing the pediatric airway: intubation, jet insuffalation, pedi retrograde

  • Skills lab featuring multiple airway derivations, emetic manikin, traumatic airway, etc.  

  • Nasal intubation and NP guided nasal intubation

  • Retrograde Intubation

  • Seldinger-placed Surgical Airway

  • Conventional and Combat Surgical Airways, with adjuncts

  • Effective use of the BVM

  • Effective use of CPAP

  • Monitoring techniques post placement and on-going

  • Use of EtCO2 to monitor other physiological states, such as pH.

This class is manikin based, utilizing twelve adult and pediatric intubation stations featuring
different airway structures in each manikin.  Skills are verified using peri-intubation airway
mega-codes and a written examination.  

We do not routinely teach vent operations in this class, but do discuss vent failures and  
barotrauma from a recognition and response perspective.  The vent module can be added on
a third day, for a negotiated increase in price, which is usually about $100 per person.

This class features principles that exceed those taught in four airway programs  
currently available in the USA, at a cost of less than any one of them.  

                                      We guarantee your satisfaction.  

      The cost is $295.00 USD (without vent class) per student for this two day class.
The cost of the ventilator class is $109.00 if attending the ACT course, $159.00 without.

The Ventilator Management module covers:

  • Basic ventilator theory and relevant physiology
  • Ventilator use
  • Set-up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practicum with several popular EMS and Critical care transport vents

Our goal is for you to leave this class feeling comfortable that you can address basic ventilator
issues and safely utilize a moderately advanced ventilator to care for a wide range of patients.
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