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Austere Medicine
Introduction to Remote Medical Care
This program provides the basis for Austere Medicine and Remote Medical
Care.  It is an introductory level course.  The course includes:

•        Substitution medicine- simple items that can serve your purpose
•        Performing advanced lifesaving procedures with minimal equipment
•        Building and using a “monoscope”
•        Management of Respiratory Illness and Emergencies
•        Recognition and management of medical illness in the remote environment
•        Recognition and management of injury in the remote environment
•        Airway management
•        Hypodermoclysis and other vascular access
•        Use of antibiotics and analgesics
•        Intermediate dental care
•        Selection of specialized response gear

This class is 16 hours long and anticipates that the participant has some medical
training preferably as an Advanced-EMT, EMT-P or LP.  

For more in-depth instruction please refer to our
Independent Duty Medic course.
Vetting Requirements
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