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  Hosting a Class
  Vetting Requirements
Bag Search Procedures
In the current sometimes volatile atmosphere, many venues such as sports arenas,
municipal buildings, entertainment venues and religious gatherings exist under tighter
security protocols.  To protect the event participants and spectators it is often necessary to
restrict items that can be brought into those venues.  A highly visual way to illustrate this
hardening of the venue is to search or refuse bags that could contain inappropriate items
or contraband.  In order to maintain a culturally satisfying response to that need, staff
should be trained to effectively, safely, and courteously search those bags.  

This program provides highly effective techniques to accomplish this goal.  Participants in
this program will learn:

•        Reasons to search patrons bags
•        If not all bags are searched, what criteria do you use?
•        Effectively advising the public on your bag search policy  
•        Disadvantages to law enforcement making the initial search
•        Consent and the right to refuse
•        Handling patron refusals
•        Adverse mindset and threatening statements
•        Dealing with individuals without bags
•        Special circumstances- wheelchairs, strollers, etc.  
•        Setting up the bag search area
•        Proper equipment for an effective search
•        Conducting the search
•        Item handling procedures
•        Use of multi-bag delivery techniques
•        Communication and response to found items
•        Hands-on bag search practicum
•        Review of bags searched for hidden intent, paraphernalia, explosives, weapons, etc.  

The length of this class is relative to the number of participants to some degree.  Training
for small groups usually requires 2-3 hours.  Larger groups generally require a minimum of
four hours.  Participants can be provided with a written test, and certification of training
card for your in-house verification of their training, in addition to their certificate of
attendance.  This helps the venue or church maintain a consistent, knowledgeable staff, as
well as insures that the bag search program curtails unwarranted entry of inappropriate or
prohibited materials.  Please contact us for options on how we can format the class to meet
your logistical needs.  This is usually charged out on a flat rate basis, with a nominal
clerical/testing fee per participant.  We provide radio’s, bags to search, search equipment,
class materials for each participant, etc.  The host agency provides folding tables for the
search practicum, and, if possible, A-V projection.