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Basic First Aid
This class fulfills OSHA requirements for first aid in the workplace, but is useful for
anyone's general knowledge.  The first aid class teaches the participant to manage:

•        Breathing problems
•        Choking
•        Allergic reactions
•        Heart Attack
•        Fainting
•        Diabetes and low blood sugar
•        Stroke
•        Seizures
•        Shock
•        Internal and external bleeding
•        Wounds
•        Head, neck, and, spine injuries
•        Broken bones and sprains
•        Burns and electrical injuries
•        Bites and stings
•        Environmental emergencies
•        Poisoning

The other modules taught:

•        CPR
•        Choking
•        Automatic External Defibrillator
•        Use of a pocket mask

There is no prerequisite for this class.  This is an American Heart Association class.  
The certification is good for two years.  Participants are given a written test when
requested by their employers for OSHA reasons.  Law enforcement personnel are
required to take the written test for TCOLE credit.  Each student is provided with a
certification card, book, and a pocket mask, and the training for $125.00 USD.  
(Minimum six participants)  Discounts are given for large classes, and public
servants.  Discounts are also provided when the class is contracted with certain other

For organizations that require a more in-depth basic level course the Emergency
Medical Responder program can be provided.   The EMR course ranges from 32-40
hours in length, and can be taught with flexible scheduling.  Price for the EMR is
negotiated on inquiry.   

For individuals, hunters, extreme sports enthusiast, or those that just want to be
prepared we can provide the
Crisis  Medical Response Training class.  It is two days
of in depth, yet simplified medical training that will serve participants well in remote
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