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Basic Terrorist Investigation
This program provides law enforcement with a basic program on investigation of Terrorist
Threat.  Corporate security attendees will gather awareness information that will assist in
spotting impending actions that would be threatening to lives and property of your client
facilities.  The items presented in this class and listed herein should be considered
collectively in assessing a possible threat.  

Participants in this program will learn the crucial phases that occur prior to a terrorist
event by utilizing investigative technique to ascertain:

  • Possible suicide bombers using the “ALERT” concept.
  • Passport history
  • Other ID and/or suspicious characteristics
  • An individual’s employment, school, training
  • Unusual items found in vehicles or dwellings
  • Potential props
  • Hotel/Motel visits
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Thefts, purchases, or the discovery of items leading to terrorist activity
  • Possible explosive attack indicators
  • Possible weapons attack indicators
  • Possible chemical, biological, or nuclear indicators
  • Surveillance, Targeting, and Attack Indicators and Countermeasures
  • Recognize unsafe situations at physical locations
  • Recognize the need to understand behavioral assessment for their personal safety
  • Investigative exercises

There is no pre-requisite to this class but it is strongly suggested that participants have
Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing, and, Prevention and Response to Suicide
Bombing Incident prior to attending this class.  A customized matrix of
Counterterrorism/EOD classes can be prepared to meet the needs of your agency.  
Please contact us for pricing of closed courses, or to host an open course.  
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