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Best Practices in DSI
In this class we discuss oxygen physiology, best case application and use of
supplemental oxygen and innovative ways to deliver that oxygen.  We also break
down many common misconceptions about drugs used in DSI/RSI/PAI/BR549/Etc., as
well as looking at alternatives for sedation, paralysis, and ACLS/PALS findings into
the pharma routines most often used in pre-hospital airway emergencies that lead to
untoward effects and failed patient management.  

This class features an exercise in making the best drug choices and a hands-on
approach to calculations and setting up maintenance infusions.   We also cover
push-dose pressors.  We utilize Demo Dose medications to facilitate 'airway codes'
providing a team approach to managing these patients.  We show participants tips to
incorporate into their routine that insures that they follow their department protocols
and efficiently provide the best patient care.  

This class is also a component of our
Airway Control Tactics course.  The ACT
course is 100% guaranteed to improve performance.  
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