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Cardio-Pulmonary Lab
The class features an electronic stethography lab to revisit and re-enforce the
understanding of heart and lung sounds.   We then use “live tissue” in the form of a
the airway by introducing different mediums to the lung field.  Those items create  
problems within the tissue and participants are able to listen to the sounds created
that mimic physical states that create the sounds auscultated in a routine patient
We create an occlusion (suture ligation) in a coronary artery which allows the
participant to see the acute effect of the blockage on the cardiac tissue when dye is
injected above the blockage.    

We provide:
  •     All required A-V equipment, stethography sounders, etc,
  •     The porcine tissue,
  •     All personal protective equipment required,
  •     Vent used to simulate respiration,
  •     All agents used to provoke the tissue,
  •     Protective materials for the tables and lab floor when required.

We ask that you provide:
  •     Suitable space for lecture and stethography lab (tables and chairs)
  •     Suitable space to set up the tissue lab,
  •     Two 8’ tables for lab area,
  •     One full M or H sized oxygen bottle if possible.  

(We can provide the oxygen if necessary but it is easier on our travel requirements if
you can provide it.)  The above space requirements can be in the same room, but we
prefer it be separate to create a better listening environment.  
It is suggested that students bring their favorite stethoscope for use in the
stethography lab.  (We provide the scopes for the tissue lab.)

This program can be cost-effectively coupled with our
Cardiac Dissection Lab.  The
fee for this lab is $79 per person, but when combined is only $119 for both labs.  
This saves you $39 for the full day of CE.   
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