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Public Servant Solutions
Check Point Operations
This class provides the basic information for setting up an EOD specific vehicle check
point.  The lecture includes information on:

  •   Need for protective overwatch
  •   Offset search lane set up,
  •   Driver identification,
  •   Occupant control
  •    Vehicle search, to include:
  •  Undercarriage
  •  Exterior
  •  Engine compartment
  •  Trunk
  •  Interior
  •   Explosive Items found
  •   Prohibited Items found
  •   Conclusion, and return of license and documents

Role play searches will be conducted, with and without inert ordinance, and prohibited
contraband.  Each participant will practice setting up a tabletop of the Check Point,
and become familiar with the use of observation mirrors, and the search SOP.  Each
participant will be given an evaluation of their performance measures.

This class can be coupled with a program on Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive
Devices, at your request.  
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