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Excited Delirium
This program is a multi-disciplined approach that provides effective training for
EMS, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Communications Operators, Detention
Officers, School Resource Officers, Nursing, Hospital Security and other stake
holders that have a responsibility in dealing with Exited Delirium Syndrome calls.

While traditionally handled by law enforcement, ExDS patients represent a true
emergency.  ExDS patients must be dealt with quickly and effectively from the

Excited Delirium can be presented in two different formats.

We can provide a simple lecture class that briefs your agency on the containment
and treatment goals that must be accomplished to prevent the death of the

We have developed
ExDS - Community Approach to have the most impact in
dealing with this.  This one-day, four part program creates a community wide

The program begins with communications operators and law enforcement, who
are then jointed by EMS.  The current political climate demands that this patient
be handled in a very specific manner to mitigate liability of all agencies involved
in the unfortunate event of a fatal outcome.  

Immediate lifesaving care must be provided to prevent loss of life and "Death in
Custody" issues.  Law enforcement participants may leave or stay as EMS
personnel delve further into the issue, learning what factors must be controlled
to save the patient's life.  In the third phase, nursing and medical staff join the
event to discuss the transition of care to the Emergency Department, and later
the Intensive Care Unit.  Maintenance measures that are required to transfer the
patient between hospitals are also discussed with EMS and the Hospital staff in
phase four.  

This multi-disciplined approach allows all participants to better understand the
best way to provide continuity of care, in the manner safest for both the
responders and the patient.  

In order to meet scheduling requirements PSS can present this on back to back
days.  This is usually presented on a flat rate basis, with all attending agencies
providing a percentage of the overall fee, or it can be hosted and sponsored by
one entity.  Please
contact us for a bid for services based on your specific
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