Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions
Grave Robber FX
We created Grave Robber FX to facilitate a higher level of training for small and mid-
sized agencies that do not have the resources to maintain a full time simulations
 In all disciplines of public service we should strive to train the way we will
function on the job.
 Accurate realistic effort made here is what allows us to "rely on
your training".  This is where the name came from...after all we want everyone to "go
home today".  

We create special effects that embody realism.  Our technical staff have
backgrounds in EMS, fire service, and law enforcement.  We build effects that
immerse participants in the scenario.  

We have developed a wide variety of effects and detailed scenarios for EMS, Law
Enforcement, SWAT and TEMS.  We can provide effects for fire service as well.

We use a wide variety of effects such as:

  • Automated sequencing
  • Blank-fired semi- and full auto firearms
  • Costuming
  • Environmental effects such as fog and rain
  • Intense lighting effects
  • Laser
  • Moulage
  • Odorants
  • Pneumatic effects
  • Props, including inert ordnance
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Role players
  • Sound tracks
  • Subliminal sounds

Our involvement in a typical training evolution can be as simple as moulage or a
single shot bullet hit to the chest, or as elaborate as exploding ordnance or speakers
during a speech by a visiting dignitary, or a car bomb in an adjacent area with a
safe, rapidly biodegradable debris field.    

We can also provide projects for your EOD team to render safe.  These projects are
inert but have accurate, active ignition trains enabled to facilitate render safe
exercises, including some with multiple ignition trains.    

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