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High Acuity, Low Frequency Skills
Documentation of your ability to correctly complete these seldom used skills helps
meet compliance issues and protects you by illustrating your competence in the event
of misguided litigation.    

The day involves lecture, demonstration, and hands-on training with manikins
specifically designed to teach these skills.  All of these skills are taught in our other
courses and seminars, but are  compiled here for a solid day of skills review and

This offering addresses:

• Endotracheal Intubation*
• Video Laryngoscopy*
• Retrograde Intubation
• Nasal Intubation
• Crycothyroidtomy
  • Seldingers
  • Surgical        
• Needle Thoracostomy
• Pericardiocentesis
• Escarotomy

Other skills can be reviewed and verified based on local SDO/Protocol.  

Our goal is to prepare each participant with “best practices” in the execution of each

Participants should be a Paramedic or RN, PA, NP, MD or DO.  

*Limited time is spent on intubation skills in this class.  For in-depth instruction, see  
Airway Control Techniques (ACT)  or the Advanced Medical Support Course (AMSC)
for other skills.  
The HALF skills lab is designed to keep
EMS providers in touch with those skills that
they do not use often but must maintain at a
complete capacity.  You will buff up on skills
you have known for years, and maybe pick
up a few changes that have come along
since you first learned them.  

Some skills can be accomplished in different
ways to meet the same goal.  We can also  
provide an unbiased quarterly, semi-annual
or annual appraisal of those skills.  
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