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Public Servant Solutions
Hometown Hero's Program
Public Servant Solutions has created the “Hometown Hero’s Support
program to provide funding for Emergency Casualty Care Courses and
Hybrid Tactical Medical Responder Courses across Texas.  

Many small to medium sized communities recognize the need to prepare
their staff with the TECC course, but funding is often tight.  This program
features a step by step package that provides a great value to every
stakeholder involved.    

At its core, the program pays for all or part of the training costs for EMS,
the Fire Service, and Law Enforcement within the community, provides the
TECC Immediate Responder (Active Bystander) course without cost, and
provides meaningful recognition to local sponsors of the program.

Local committees are guided through the process with a detailed guide and
phone consultation provided by PSS.  An event specialist with a strong
background in developing and executing sponsorship programs will work
directly with your local operating committee to ensure the success of the
program.  The program is designed to allow participation by individuals and
all levels of business.   

The HTH program provides the local committee with guidance in selecting a
program “Champion” as well as a “Live Actor Coordinator.”  The program is
designed to work with all public service agencies, as coordination between
those agencies is paramount to success in a ‘hostile actor’ scenario.  For
more information on the HTH program, TECC or HTMR, please email:

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