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Hybrid Tactical Medical Responder
The Hybrid Tactical Medical Responder course was created to cost effectively meet the
needs of small to medium sized communities that need EMS providers to respond in a TECC
format and to also be prepared to support Law Enforcement in a TEMS role.

This class is a dual mission course is designed to meet the needs of those communities.  
EMS providers are challenged by the Hartford Consensus to respond to active shooter and
hostile events in an organized, immediate and effective TECC/RTF program to provide
immediate aid.  Smaller and more diverse jurisdictions are creating and/or maintaining
Special Weapons and Tactical (SWAT) teams.  Many of those teams initially organize without
EMS Support.  EMS personnel not familiar with the tactics and role required need specialized
training to safely provide accurate care.

When EMS functions as a TECC/RTF provider they work with law enforcement to save
multiple lives in their community during a man-made mass casualty event.  In the TEMS role,
the focus of the EMS shifts to care for the officers on the SWAT team, as well as any victims
that are effected on any call out.  Many communities do not have the resources to maintain
two separate EMS teams.    

This course provides TECC training as well as a functional primer on tactical medical support
(TEMS).  The roles of each mission are clearly defined throughout the course.  This is not a
live fire course, instead focusing on the medicine, and leaving the question of weapons use
up to the jurisdiction the medic will be working with.

Participants in the class review and increase their knowledge in advanced medical
procedures through dynamic lectures and hands-on labs and drills.  Participants study 4th
Amendment issues, evidence chain of custody, team movement, and care under fire
(simulated) and EOD issues.  In addition to the lectures, labs and walk-throughs, the
participants learn tactical rescue techniques.  The week culminates with a combined drill day,
with Law Enforcement and the Fire Service supporting EMS during the TECC scenarios, and
EMS supporting Law Enforcement in numerous SWAT level scenario evolutions.  

Our instructional team uses pyrotechnics; blank fired semi, and full auto weapons; sound
tracks; odorants; props; and other techniques to heighten the realism of this course.  

This budget friendly course provides 60 hours of training in six action packed days. The
turnkey cost for this course, at your location, is $1095 pp. (Any course booked prior to March
1, 2020 receives a
$200 discount per person, for courses scheduled for anytime in 2020.)
We customarily provide the TECC Duty to Act course for area Law Enforcement and Fire
Service personnel simultaneously during one day of this course, which allows them to take
part in the drills held on the last day of the HTMR course.

This course requires a minimum of 18 participants.  If your organization chooses to host an
"open" class, we can assist with marketing in your area.  We can also assist with funding
suggestions, such as our "Hometown Heros" program.  Please see our tactical hosting page,
or contact us with any questions.  

Second Chance

One of the phrases:

...and improves...
Information presented in this class is not
classified.  It is, in some cases, considered
"sensitive".  For this reason, all participants in
background check.  Accepted foreign nationals
may require up to 120 days for the background
check.  While this may be inconvenient, DHS
requires us to comply when teaching some
materials for obvious reasons.
Participants are encouraged to wear tactical gear they are
familiar with when possible.  We will provide expendables to use
during training.  IWe will provide coms, extraction, and rescue
equipment, PPE, and live tissue.  If the participants do not have
gear we will provide chest rigs and helmets for trainingl  If you do
not have response gear for regular use, we can can provide
information on where to acquire cost-effective body armor.
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