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Hosting a Class
Many of the programs we present are provided by agencies to their staffs
for their internal use, which we do for a flat rate.  Other programs are
presented for open registration.  If you would like to host an open
registration class in your community, please contact us.  Depending on
our production costs, which is controlled by items such as lab
requirements, etc., we will provide you with a free or discounted
registration per a preset number of paid registrations.  

We provide you with promotional materials for distribution in your area.  
We handle check and credit card payments.

You provide space for the class, and a minimum of hospitality.  We ask
that you provide a screen or other projection space, and if possible video
projection.  We obviously need adequate tables and chairs for
participants and in some cases we need one or more additional break-out

If you have interest in a class, but want to reduce costs, contact us about