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Public Servant Solutions
Hosting a Class
Many of the programs we present are provided by agencies to their staffs
for their internal use. Often this is done for a flat rate. Other programs are
presented for open registration. If you would like to host an open
registration class in your community, please contact us. Depending on
our production costs, which is controlled by items such as lab
requirements, etc., we often provide you with a free registration per a
preset number of paid registrations.

We provide you with promotional materials for distribution in your area.
We utilize our marketing opportunities as well.

We handle check and credit card payments through our secure, on-line
registration system. Some programs require additional notarized
application and vetting, prior to the class.

You provide space for the class, and a minimum of hospitality. Specifically
we ask that you provide clean rest rooms and appropriate heating or
cooling for the learning space, for indoor programs.

We ask that you provide a screen or other projection surface, and if
possible video projection.  A large monitor works as well.  This is not a
deal breaker, we can work out the logistics.  

We obviously need adequate tables and chairs for participants and
occasionally need one or more additional break-out rooms.  We can
address more specific requirements for active classes (ie: TECC, TEMS,
HTMR, etc.)

Room size depends upon the class.  Some classes are small wherein we
aim for 12 to 18 participants.  Other classes routinely attract up to 48

Some of the classes that we offer relate specifically to terrorism,
counterterrorism, and similar subjects. Incorporated into those classes is
information that is unclassified but considered sensitive to law
enforcement or public service operations. We are required to vet all of
Homeland Security.  In those classes, US citizens must be registered
days prior to the course.  Accepted foreign nationals must be registered
60 days prior to the course.  Those requirements are denoted on the
class listing.
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