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Response to Terrorist Bombing
This program is designed for all levels of first responders who may respond to or
become involved in terrorist attacks and incidents that involve explosives or
improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  At the completion of this course participants will
be able to take appropriate action in the event of potential or realized weapons of a
mass destruction incident involving explosives and incendiaries.  

(This class includes the FEMA Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing class.  All
participants that pass the course test receive a certificate from FEMA.  Commissioned
law enforcement officers also receive a certificate for the class that is accepted by the
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.)  

We use numerous inert examples of items that may be encountered by your team, to
increase their recognition and safety, as well as the safety of everyone on-site.  
This class is usually limited to law enforcement, military, fire service, and emergency
medical service responders, and private security/infrastructure personnel in
appropriate applications.  

This four hour program is a module in the
Multi-Discipline Bomb Prep Course

All attendees for this course must be vetted by the US Department of Homeland
Security.  The background check for US citizens  is 30 days.  Accepted foreign
nationals require 60 day minimum to by vetted.  Material presented is not classified,
but is considered “Emergency Operations Sensitive” by FEMA/DHS.  The fee for this
class can be per person, or set as a flat rate.  This material can be presented to all
levels of participants.  
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