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Response to Suicide Bombing
The Response to Suicide Bombing class is an awareness level course designed for
responders who require skills necessary to plan for and respond to a suicide bombing
personal protection issues.  

This class is usually limited to law enforcement, military, fire service, and emergency
medical service responders, and private security personnel in appropriate
applications.  All attendees must be verified US citizens and have a vetted public
service background.  Material presented is not classified, but is considered
“Emergency Operations Sensitive” by FEMA/DHS.  

(This class includes the FEMA Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing class.  
All participants that pass the course test receive a certificate from FEMA.  
Commissioned law enforcement officers would also receive a certificate for the class
that is accepted by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.)  
While not an absolute requirement participants are best prepared by taking the
Terrorist Bombing Class first.  

This material is include in the
Multi-Discipline Bomb Prep Course.  That course also
includes Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing, and Homemade Explosives
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