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Public Servant Solutions
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
on TCCC to meet those needs, but TECC is the better alternative.  TECC takes
into account the age extremes and health history possibilities of the civilian
general public.  

Participants are taught the three phases of management of the Active
Shooter/Hostile Incident:   “Direct Threat Care (DTC);”  “Indirect Threat Care;” and
"Evacuation Care"  Patient care is undertaken using the MARCHE PAWS concept.
Major Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing/Respirations, Circulation, Head &
Hypothermia, and Everything Else (MARCHE) and Pain control, Antibiotics,
Wounds (secondary), and Splinting (PAWS).

Our experienced instructors use A/V presentations, hands on labs, simulation and
drills to teach basic and critical level tactical medicine.  This program is open to
basic and advance personnel.  

We usually teach a TECC Duty to Act class to area Law Enforcement and Fire
Service personnel, who are not EMS trained in support of the Rescue Task Force
class, which leads to a combined Drill day.   

Why Use Public Servant Solutions?

Every Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course that we provide is planned to be
cost effective, highly realistic, and medically accurate.  Our classes are taught in
accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Instruction set by the Committee for
Tactical Emergency Care.  

Participants in our classes have access to ample equipment and expendables.  
We provide each student with job specific equipment, such as a chest rig, helmet,
coms and, top flight response gear.  In the Evacuation phase advanced medics
are provided Demo-Dose pharmaceuticals, such as analgesics, antibiotics, and
TXA, etc.  

We use moulaged patients, pyrotechnics, odorants, sound tracks, and high,
medium, and low fidelity simulations to create a degree of realism seldom

Our instructors are experienced and highly motivated.  

This two day, 20 hour enhanced class is $475 per person for the TECC EMS
class.  The TECC DTA class is $225.  

Ask about our Hometown Heroes program to assist with training funding.  
Visit our tactical site at:

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One of the phrases:

...increases skills
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