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  Hosting a Class
  Vetting Requirements
TECC Active Bystander
provide time-sensitive, lifesaving interventions.  The 'Active Bystander' is the first trained
community member who can serve a critical role during the initial moments after complex
and dynamic disasters.

This program is designed to empower non-medical persons to deal with serious acute
injury.It is developed for the untrained provider who may be a business owner, retailer,
school teacher, or similar occupation.  Lay persons such as classroom teachers are usually
the person closest to children or others, and may be the only line of defense and care that
those they are responsible for have for several minutes into a tragic incident.  This is a fast
moving course with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.  We teach you to quickly
use combat oriented supplies and expendables to deal with these injuries.  There are no
prerequisites to this class.  This class goes beyond "Stop the Bleed" and teaches you to
direct others to save the most lives possible.  

Participants in this class learn to effectively communicate under duress; provide bleeding  
control, with wound packing, hemostatics, and tourniquets; provide airway management;
breathing; circulation; prevention of hypothermia;impaled objects; and, burns, as well as
preparing patients to be transported.    

All training materials and personal protective equipment is provided for the class.

This class is usually priced on a per person basis, but considerable discounts are provided  
to larger groups.  This class is provided free as part of the Hometown Hero's Program