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Tactical Paramedic-Certified®
Prep Course
that a person has met the personal knowledge and experience standard for that
industry and acceptance within the provider's community by recognizing

The Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C)® exam candidate is a paramedic
professional who is seeking employment or who is currently providing critical care
in the austere and care-under-fire environments. The expectation for the TP-C®
examination candidate is knowledge in casualty assessment, stabilization, and
evacuation in hostile and austere environments, as well as thorough familiarity
with tactical principles, triage, and operational medicine.
Candidates should have significant knowledge of the Committee on Tactical
Combat Casualty Care and the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
guidelines, management of the full tactical injury spectrum (from less-than-lethal
to CBRNE), force health protection, and medico-legal aspects of Tactical
Emergency Medical Services.  Public Servant Solutions provides a four-day prep
class to review specifics of the medical care required and provide knowledge
related the injury spectrum, force health protection and the medico-legal aspects
of care from the law enforcement perspective.  

Public Servant Solutions also provides a preparatory course for Tactical
Responders to prepare individuals to take that exam.  This an advanced course
that allows tactical responders that are not paramedics (usually law enforcement
officers) provide a higher level of care under the direct auspices of their medical
director in states that allow for this within their physician medical practices
statutes.  In addition to the test prep course, we can provide you with a medical
skills course that meets the needs of your tactical medical director.  Please
contact us for more information.  If you email us, please note whether your
agency currently operates in this format, or if this would be a medical build up,
within an existing tactical team.  

Training fee for this prep course is normally 495.00 USD pp.  We often provide a
$100 discount for previous clients, subscribers to the PSS newsletter, and
through some industry organizations, and at conferences.  
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