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Tactical Paramedic-Certified®
Review Course
For TP-C recertification by continuing education, a minimum of 100 approved
continuing education (CE) credits must be submitted to the IBSC®.  At least 16
CLINICAL hours must be obtained by completing an approved review class.  
Public Servant Solutions offers an IBSC Approved Review Course.  The IBSC
evaluates submitted application information to validate that 16 CLINICAL hours
meet the requirements of the Detailed Content Outline (or Blueprint) to ensure
that the education meets their recertification requirements.

The 16-hour review is usually done over a two-day period, or is offered within
the 40 hour prep course provided by PSS.   

PSS can provide other supportive CE programs to obtain the balance of TP-C
CE hours required.  

The usual fee for the 16 hr offering is $279 pp.  The usual fee for the 40 CE
offering is $495 pp, but discounts of $100 are available through other
organizations and by subscribing to our PSS newsletter.  
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