Law Enforcement

The focus of our LEO training is officer safety and response to co-workers with
emergent needs.  One of our safety areas includes the recognition of terrorist or
EOD related situations.  All of our LEO offerings are eligible for TCOLE credit.   

Law Enforcement Training List
EMS/Fire Service/Hospital

These include our medic oriented offerings for individuals, third party EMS
agencies,  and fire based EMS programs.

EMS/Fire Service/Medical Training List
Security/Personal Protective Officers

We provide training for both the corporate security team and for your employees.  
OSHA requires that your staff be trained in Violence in the Workplace, as well as
how to respond to an Active Shooter.  

Corporate Security/PPO Training List
Ministry/Platform Support

We provide training for your church staff, so that can best respond to the day to day
calls on your ministry by troubled persons, as well as how to respond to more
intense situations.  We can also do awareness programs for the church
membership.  We have specific programs for the security team to meet the
ever-increasing burden of keeping the body of Christ secure while at church and at
other events.  

Ministry Training List
Austere/Remote Environments & Public Awareness

With the growing general societal threats that exist we have developed classes to
help the general public increase their safety and awareness.   We also have
preparatory classes for those that are going into remote or austere environments.

Austere/Remote & Public Awareness Training List
School Security and Response

We provide these programs as a resource to local school districts.  We can create
detailed in-service events that cover a myriad of appropriate subjects that reflect
workplace requirements as well as student and staff safety and response capacity.  

School Training List

Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions