Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions strives to provide the best possible training experience
using high yield programs and tangible answers.  

We use dynamic lectures and low, medium, and high fidelity simulations to
provide accurate and meaningful training.  Often, when surveyed, 100% of
participants at our courses "want us back".

Senior trainer, Vernon A. Gresham, has over 42 years of experience in law  
enforcement, EMS, fire Service, corporate security, and the special events
industry.  He has numerous trainer credentials to include the Texas
Commission on Law Enforcement, C-TECC, IBSC, FEMA/DHS, and New Mexico
Tech Energetic Materials Research and Training Center.  

Public Servant Solutions was created to fulfill the specific needs of emergency  
responders.  We have evolved to meet other needs.  We currently also teach
courses to corporate entities, ministry programs, extreme sports enthusiasts
and hunters, as well as individuals that feel the need to be prepared to handle
emergent issues under exigent or austere circumstances.

We are based on the Gulf Coast of Texas, but travel wherever innovative, high
quality training is needed.    
About Us
“Very effective”
~Conference Participant

Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions
About Us