Contest Rules

Official Contest Rules

    Well, It's time.  We promised you a fun event for April of 2022.  It is on schedule and moving forward.  The first phase is a photo and video contest.  First and Second place will be awarded for both photo and video categories.  To qualify, you need to get onboard quickly as this part of the contest ends on January 3rd, 2022.  

    More information and the rules for the media contest can be found here.

    The balance of the contest is based on participation in one of our current featured courses.  '30 for $20' - No Foolin' is a fun, laid back CE offering that will run for one hour daily, then on demand each day.  As each class in the course bundle 'drips' it will be available for 30 days.  Each day we will have a little fun while we discuss a myriad of empirical EMS topics covering BLS, ALS, and a bit of Critical Care.  After the lecture, you will complete a short quiz, jot down a few thoughts on an evaluation, then print your certificate.

    The coolest part of all is the crazy contest we will be having in conjunction with the training.  If 500 participants sign up for the event, we will be providing daily door prizes, three $250 dollar prizes, and a Grand Prize Watch Party for 25 people.  

    You can sign up for the event beginning December 1, 2021.  So, tell your EMS friends and have them tell their EMS friends.  Our goal is to reach 500 persons.  This should be easy, with over 70,000 EMS providers in Texas alone!  Watch our newsletter for more information.  

    If you have not signed up for the newsletter, it a great source of EMS news, and special opportunities.  


    30 for $20

    More information can be found here.

    Detailed rules concerning the Prize Program will be posted here when the program becomes active on December 1. 2021.

    Public Servant Solutions is compliant with all State and Federal statutes with regard to providing the randomly selected door prizes. All participants in this program have an equal opportunity to win any daily door prizes, the three VISA card prizes and the Grand Prize Watch Party. The Grand Prize Watch Party will be drawn on April 7th, to allow time to produce the event later in the month.  The VISA door prizes will be drawn on April 30. Winners will be notified by email within 24 hours. All participants will be advised of the winners via the newsletter. As the door prize value does not meet minimum reporting requirements, the winners will not receive tax documentation of the prize proceed, nor will same be reported to the IRS. The exception to this is the Grand Prize Watch Party, as the prize is valued at an amount the requires a 1099 under IRS rules.

    General Contest Information

    All drawings not pulled at a live or televised live event shall be drawn electronically by submitting the list of entries to a software drivencontest database which will randomly draw the winning entry or entries.  

    All contests requiring an onsite presence will be governed by appropriate science based contagion information.  It an event must be cancelled Public Servant Solutions reserves the right to schedule a mutually acceptable alternate date or provide a safe substitute activity, at it's sole discretion.  

    No Purchase is necessary in order to take part in any prize or monetary drawing.  Persons must be certified EMS providers, as are other contest participants.  Persons may enter one time by mailing a 3" X 5" index card in a #10 envelope to Public Servant Solutions, POB 710, Ganado, TX  77962.  The entry must arrive 5 days prior to the appointed entry date for the pertinent contest drawing.  The entry requires your full name, certification number, and working email address.