Services We Provide

In addition to training, Public Servant Solutions offers consulting and
problem solving.  Contact us to see how we can help.  

Looking to improve your program?  We can create a comprehensive
implementation plan based on a specialized training plan, and carry it
through to full implementation, working with local regulatory bodies to
create the environment you need to provide the service needed for your
end users.  

We can provide routine basic and  advanced training on a two year cycle
and can provide an unbiased evaluation of your personnel though our
PublicServant360 program.

We offer other compliance programs that verify your staffs competency in
an unbiased manner, such as our
CodeCrafters program (offered
through our subsidiary, EduMed Training) or preparatory and review
programs for the International Board of Specialty Certifications for
advanced programs like Tactical Paramedic-Certified (TP-C).

Many of the services we offer are tailored to the individual participant,
team, or department.  At other times a community-wide approach is
required to create a truly functional solution.   An example would be a
Excited Delirium Syndrome Response Plan which
includes multi-agency law enforcement, dispatchers, jail personnel,
firefighters, EMS personnel, ED staff, and Intensive Care personnel, as
well as hospital security staffs.  
“Extremely helpful and enlightening.  Well paced & organized, with ample
time for interaction/questions.  Guided imagery & listening exercises
very good – actively engaging a variety of our learning modalities.”

Public Servant Solutions

Public Servant Solutions